Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Coulpe of smiles for today

I'm sorry, I know I was rude to Henry but please, do you have to cane me now, in front of him?

I'd love a plate like this one. P and R TTWD.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Which is the most exhausting?

To be thoroughly spanked or to give a thorough spanking?

I don't know the answer because I've never given a thorough spanking but my husband asked me on Saturday night as we sat down, just the two of us, to eat a meal and I commented that I felt knackered and feigned my head flopping down towards a bowl of steaming hot moules mariniere. I'd already done the Ouch! bit as I sat on one of our padded dining chairs, it was a genuine ouch too by the way, and now I was letting him know he'd exhausted me, really exhausted, but in a happy way like after having marathon sex. But I hadn't had that, I'd been spanked.

"Ah some of us have more stamina," he said jokingly, "it's tiring for a spanker too you know, but we rise above it."

I told him he hadn't appeared to be tired at all when he'd been laying cane strokes across my bare bottom upstairs in the bedroom. He said I hadn't either judging from the way I'd been wiggling and vocalising. I smiled and said it was delayed action, just setting in, possibly because there'd been no sex; he'd spanked it all out of me which was exactly what he'd promised to do earlier in the day as we'd set out on a Christmas shopping trip. I'd been a bit suggestive about something and he'd told me I was one over horny woman and should concentrate on what we had to do and if I kept it up he'd spank it out of me. Then he changed his mind and said he'd drain it out of me during the day and then, later, whatever was left he'd spank out of me. I thought knowing me, not much chance of that, and said something like you and whose army. This was all very amiable you understand and totally off the cuff. Getting ready to go out I kept making lewdish suggestions and when he told me I'd been warned, I told him as a woman I could multi task, I could be rude and concentrate on the shopping.

Anyway to cut it short he masturbated me in the car on the A5, he made me undo my belt and jeans and did it while he was driving, I told him he couldn't it was dangerous and he laughed and said men could multi task too and to shut up and wiggle up the seat a bit so that he could get his hand into my knickers and even as he was telling me I  started to come, not full blown but enough to make me gasp. We got a fair bit of shopping done and P went back to the car mid way through the session to deposit bags to free himself up to carry more bags. When we'd done and were walking back to the car park he put all his bags into one hand and fondled my bum with the other, telling me he was going to masturbate me again in the car. I told him not to be so stupid it was really busy by that time and there were loads of people about and we'd be seen (note slut me, my objection was about being seen, not the outrage behaviour). Anyway the threat had raised my excitement even as we walked and sure enough he did it only this time he undid me as he had both hands free and I sat there trying to keep still and look composed and pretend I was in conversation with him as people passed by. I cried out a little as I came and urged him to start the car and get going, I was flushed and had a stupid false smile on my face and was still pretending to be talking naturally. I wouldn't make a good actress.

So back home after a cup of tea and P making a few preparations for our later meal, he asked me if I still had any lewdness left in me. I coyly said well maybe just a bit but I thought he'd pretty much drained me, then I asked him rather less coyly why not have a feel and judge for himself. He told me he would after he'd fetched our leatherthorn from upstairs and, if he found me in an excited condition he'd spank it out of me. He said it shouldn't take too long because after a couple of orgasms it would hurt faster and I'd soon lose any urges. Well that's what he thought or at least that's what he said. Needless to say such talk fired me up and when he came back with the paddle I knew my knickers were wet already. I got spanked, by paddle and by hand, over about fifteen minutes and then after a little pause when I'd genuinely lost the urge, he started stroking my backside and telling me how cute it looked in that shade of red and it just got me going again.

"Oh dear," said my husband and he helped me up off his lap. "Pull your pants up you're coming with me." And he marched me upstairs and caned me and it hurt like hell on top of the spanking and after squealing and kicking my legs and making a fuss I eventually went still like a rag doll and he stopped and said good, it looks as if that's been effective, then he said he had to put the oven on and he left me there and went downstairs. I joined him in the kitchen ten minutes later and put my hand on his bum and told him that had hurt but I was stroking him even as I said it. "Apparently not enough," he said, "judging from your actions." He finished what he was doing and then took me back upstairs, I was saying no please P, I've had enough all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom but he was determined. He caned me again, christ my bottom hadn't been so ravaged for ages, I'd truly lost all sexual direction and was on the verge of crying and begging him to stop towards the end. He stopped without me having to beg and told me he trusted that had 'neutralised' me, his word not mine.

Well that was the background and that's how I got tired. Really exhausted. And more than a little sore. Later in the evening sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine P asked me how my bum was, I told him it still hurt and I leaned over and pecked his cheek. He said he bet as he hadn't heard any more suggestive thought from me so he must have done a good job. I whispered that the thoughts had just started coming back but I wasn't going to say anything in case he caned me again. Hmm, he said, no he wouldn't cane me again he was satisfied that his cane had done its work earlier. So I put my hand on his crotch and felt his cock stir. We had an early night.

Have a good week.


I should add for the record, we had discussed this kind of scenario a few times, ie me getting drained and spanked with no sexual gratifying crescendo, it was eyes wide open so don't go feeling sorry for me:) 

Friday, 8 December 2017

In with the New - Early Mixed Christmas Edition

This month is certainly flying by.

Here's a small Christmas edition. I hope you'll find time to stop by at this very busy time.

A Devoted Wife
A full time mother, loving wife, and home maker. She believes that it is her place beneath him and believes that her obedience is key.

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The Perfect Husband Is Made Not Married
56 year old male in a 24 year marriage to a woman who has been in charge since their first date.

Aurie Jameson
Author of erotic romance. Also a spanked wife and darn proud of it!

Pain as Pleasure
A kinky male takes a peep out of the box.

Let's Spank Him
Some guys need a spanking.

Stormy Night Pubs
Publishers of Spanking and Kink-Themed Erotica.

Spanking Dreams
Male. 51 years old, living in the Netherlands and love to spank women.

A fetish/bdsm model and Prosub who truly loves the lifestyle and sharing her experiences.

Weibliche Dominanza
Femdom and BDSM blog.

Universal Spanking
Twitter for Universal Spanking and Punishments Website. Here you'll see some wonderfully spanked bottoms and you'll get updates on new releases too!

Come on now, start searching and send me the links for any new adult spanking-orientated blogs. Even if you think they may not be new, send me the link and I'll check it out.

Have a fun weekend.


Thanks to Red for his contribution to this 'In with the New'

Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Great On Line Cookie Exchange

Here we are again - the Great online Cookie Exchange. Thanks to JZ for organising it each year.

My recipe is for pear and frangipanne tarts. Not a Christmassy one. There is a lot of work for this dessert but lovely for a special dinner party.

What you need...
4 pears with storks (which you will peel and poach)
4 loose individual tart tins

Poaching of pears (you can poach with whatever you like) this is what I used
2 tbls honey
Two small bay leaves
6-7 black peppercorns
couple of glugs of white wine

75g cool butter, diced
150g plain flour, sifted
pinch of salt

50g unsalted butter
50g caster sugar + a little for shaking over tarts.
2 egg yolks
25g plain flour
50g ground almonds  + almond extract 

Here's what you do.... 
apron on.

Heat water to a simmer in a large saucepan and add ingredient for poaching
Excuse me, I don't think you heard me, I said apron on not a chef''s hat. Men, they just don't listen:)

Peel the pears and cut bottom off.
Brush the peeled pears with a little lemon juice (stop them going brown) and place carefully in pan and poach for about 30-40 minutes or until tender, take them out and drain on kitchen paper until cool.

To the pastry
Rub the butter into the flour and salt in a large mixing bowl with your fingertips until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.

Sprinkle over 2–3 tbsp of cold water, then stir to bind the mixture together (you can do it in a food processor if you want) 

Knead lightly to form a dough, then wrap the pastry in cling film and leave in the fridge for approx 15-20 minutes. 

Turn the oven on to to 200°C (gas 6) 

Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface 

one for the boys

grease the tins and line them with the pastry. Prick the base all over with a fork, then pop back in the fridge for around. 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes take the pastry from the fridge and p
lace the tart cases on the baking sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes or until cooked. 
Leave to cool.

To the filling
Cream together the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl using a wooden spoon.

Beat in the egg yolks
yes I know but it makes me smile

then the flour, ground almonds and almond extract.

Take your tartlets and spread a little of the filling around the tarts
Stand your pears in the middle and then spread the rest of the mixture in the tarts
Bake for around 20 minutes or until golden brown and the mixture is a little firm to touch
Leave to cool slightly before removing from the tin.
Cool completely on a wire rack before serving. 

Serve with ice cream or creme fraiche.
That's what I like to see - a man who doesn't mind clearing up

This is how they should look (not my picture) Made by Angellica Bell who won Celebrity Masterchef.

All these bloggers below have some yummy recipes they are sharing so please go and stop by.  Remember though, because of time differences, some will not be posting until later today/evening - if they haven't posted yet, make sure you go back as you wouldn't want to miss a recipe.


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Top Marks

"Well that's a rarity, my wife usually gets bottom marks."

We were standing at the cheese counter in Waitrose, they had a 50% offer day on their cheeses, only the ones from the counter not the ones on their refrigerated shelves. They were busy and people were clustered round waiting to be served or nibbling the samples. We wanted a strong English cheddar and the girl pushed a plate our way and said to help ourselves and tell her which one we liked. I did, there was one outstanding as far as I was concerned and I pointed it out to the assistant, she beamed and said it was their best seller amongst the really mature Cheddars, I must know my cheeses and I get top marks. That was when P said I usually got bottom marks. I felt my face go red, how could he say that! I kicked his ankle and said I was going to the meat counter, quite a few were taking an interest in the cheddar now. P said he'd have a kilo but the girl showed him a smaller block and said that was all they'd got left, he said he'd take it. A posh lady next to him had tasted a piece and said she wanted some too but the girl told her there was no more until next delivery, she turned to P and said she'd have to stalk him and get some off him. P said he'd auction it.

The funny bit was he came over to me with the cheese and he hadn't even looked at the price, I took it from him and said no wonder it was nice its £16 per kilo. I laughed when his face changed and he said he'd take it back and the posh lady could have it! Then I reminded him it was all half price and he'd only had a small piece. He calmed down but he did say I'd better not get too much of a liking for it or there definitely would be some bottom marks.

Don't forget tomorrow is the Great Online Cookie Exchange.  Lots of yummy recipes to try. Hope you'll stop by.