Wednesday, 25 April 2018

A Smile for Today

I could do with one. How about you?


Found over at Ella's blog

Monday, 23 April 2018

Storm in a teacup

I read the Stormy Daniels article in yesterday's Sunday Times, (you wont be able to read the full article) I'd heard the regular news issues about her (and Donald) but hadn't read anything in depth or listened to any of the US chat show clips which are available on the Internet. Apparently (I say 'apparently', I have no side to take in this) she comes across robustly and down to earth and is gathering quite a following amongst Donald haters. She's currently doing a tour and part of the act includes, of course, her spanking a Donald lookalike with a rolled-up magazine. I asked P what he thought about her, it was him who came up with storm in a teacup but then changed his tune and said maybe not, maybe it'll run on for a while but it wouldn't bring a US president down.

A couple of things I noted were first, she must be raking in a fortune from all the publicity she's getting and her shows must be selling out (well good luck to her if she can make money out of Donald Trump) but secondly and much darker, the death threats she's getting and worse death threats against her children, some really horrible.

I wondered if it was all worth it, would she make enough money to retire on and just be famous or infamous as the sex worker who spanked a president? I don't know and I'm not being judgemental, I just think she's playing with fire and I hope no actual harm comes to her or any of her family.

P made another comment before abandoning the subject and going off to clean his (two:)) cars, he said pity she hadn't used something a bit more effective than a magazine.

Have a good week.


Friday, 20 April 2018

Kinky DIY For You

I was going to give this book to charity, not sure why I didn't. I bought it for P but he hasn't made anything. 

I'll definitely be sending it to charity this time, but before I do, here's a few kinky DIY craft ideas.

Email if you'd like any of the instructions:)

Have a fun weekend


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

A Smile for Today

I really like Endart spanking drawings. Shame that Endart finished. 

 Oh yes he will

Couldn't make my mind up which ones to share. Hope you enjoyed them.


Monday, 16 April 2018

Seats are no good

...for my seat. Well not after I've been spanked.

You see my husband has changed his car. He says he hasn't necessarily changed it as he still has his old car, but he might. To me that's crazy, his old car was/is good, it's got everything on it and it's comfortable and reliable. His new car has got everything on it also, and by all accounts will be reliable, but comfortable? Not to me, not to my bottom at any rate and certainly not after said bottom had received a good spanking for challenging my husband's wisdom.

Now I'm not into cars so I couldn't sing the virtues of any particular brand or model and I'm not going to name the cars in question here, I'll just say the old one is Japanese and the new one is German...and it has suspension like lead. Really, well that's how it feels to me as a passenger, and the seats are like Ryanair aircraft seats! Except they recline and shuffle around a bit if you press buttons. So on Saturday I told him I thought he had too much time on his hands going and buying another car, what the hell for, what was the point. He said he'd got a really good deal on it and might sell it for a profit but I don't think that's his real intention and I told him so. I also told him it wasn't comfortable and he went on about road holding and performance and stuff which is just in one ear and out the other to me. I said it was two lots of cost, money tied up, stupid in my opinion. He doesn't like stupid. Anyway opinions were exchanged and after running out of sensible 'housekeeping' logic about cost I got on to ego and stupid (yes that word again) male toys. That eventually got him defensive and then angry when I asked if he'd been watching that terrible Top Gear TV programme if that's what it's called. I saw the look on his face and got up to go into the kitchen but he caught my arm and took me upstairs to the office.

I still get goosebumps and a floaty stomach at times, this was one of them, it was all so quick and unstoppable, breathless with excitement and dread and barely able to suppress a nervous smirk as he shoved me into the office and closed the door.

"I wouldn't even know where to find that TV programme and I'm not influenced by neighbours or friends and I'm not wasting money, I'm not stupid I know exactly what I'm doing and will either keep it as a better replacement and sell the old one or sell it for a profit, I haven't decided yet...."

By this time he was seated on the futon and I was across his knees, my shorts and knickers pulled down to my knees.

"...but I have definitely decided what I'm going to do right now and that's give you a damned good spanking for being so contrary and argumentative and that will close the matter!"

The spanking had started before he'd finished telling me off so he raised his voice to make sure I heard clearly. I did even above my own squeals which got progressively louder as he spanked harder and I wriggled continuously to try and get the spanks spread around not just on my sit spots. But P is strong and held my waist tightly and clamped his right leg across the backs of my knees to keep me in place towards the end. My efforts were futile for the last twenty or so hard spanks, I could barely twist, I just kept squealing and 'No' and 'Please'. And then it stopped and everything was still and quiet except my panting and I wondered if the there was more to come but then his leg released me and he just kept hold of my waist so I didn't fall off.

"I don't want any more argument about the car, do you understand?"

I did but I didn't answer him. I wondered if it counted as dumb insolence (he told me I'd got an insolent bottom the other week) and thought about raising it up in defiance but he spoke first.

"I asked do you understand, I expect an answer or do I have to take my cane to you before we go and pick Linda up?"

Shit I'd forgotten about that, we'd promised to meet someone in town otherwise I might well have shown more defiance.

"Yes, P, I understand." I got off his lap and pulled my knickers up, rubbing my bottom and pouting before replacing my shorts. "I'm sorry."

"Good. Go get ready then, no more nonsense, we need to leave in twenty minutes."

I glanced slyly at his crotch before I left the office, it was bulging, what a waste I couldn't help thinking as I went to change. He chose the German car for the trip into town and my opinion of the seats and suspension was reinforced, doubly so as my backside was still blazing. I mentioned it to him but not argumentatively, more demurely as in "Gosh I can really feel the bumps in the road after that spanking, (you brutishly strong man - nah I didn't say this bit)".

"Good job we're not taking the country road then, that's full of bumps and potholes, see how I look after you," he said not as a question.

"Yes P," I said. And I hope you'll be looking after me later, I thought but didn't say. 

Have a good week.


Friday, 13 April 2018

In with the New - April Shower Edition

Here's a few new finds for you. Hope you enjoy them and please - don't forget to stop by.

Zoe Baker
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USA Today and; International Bestselling Author in Dark Romance who believes in the creative powers of whiskey. 

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A blog that speaks BDSM of relationships, domination and submission.

Repeated vigorous striking of the buttocks as punishment. 

Emma's story corner
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A site for DD wives to read and share about their secret life.

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Over the Knee for a Spanking is terribly erotic.

Spot any new adult spanking-orientated blogs, Tumblrs, Authors or Tweeters - send me the link.

Have a fun weekend.



As always - thanks to Bonnie for her contribution to this In with the New edition.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A Smile for Today


Picture from Red, Consensual Spanking

Monday, 9 April 2018

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! indeed. I think it might be an understandable exclamation any unexpecting Latino girl (do Latinos really say Mamma Mia?) might have come out with having just had a steel butt plug shoved up her you know what. But this isn't Latino, it's an Aussie real-life (apparently) account on of a visit to a Dom by a young lady, which involved considerable spanking and mind blowing sex in what seems to have been an overall pleasurable experience which left her feeling as if she'd run a marathon and caused her to stop at the first drive-thru on the way home for a double size chicken fries to rebuild her energy.

Why have I got hold of it? Google sent me the link. Why is appearing it on my blog? I thought it was funny, the way she wrote it and the way things happened.

"I was told to wear heels, a dress, bra and no undies.

I was standing in the carport of a very nondescript, small house out in the ‘burbs. It was midday on a weekday. Such an odd time and setting to be embarking on what I was about to do.

My hands shook, and my legs were wobbly and I almost turned around and ran back down the driveway.

But I was here now. I took a deep breath and propelled myself forward.

I knocked on the door and waited......"

Have a good week.